"I have been seeing Dr. Gran for nearly a year now and she has literally changed my life. I came to her with cystic acne and a hormonal imbalance that were previously unable to be cured by standard Western medical practices. Through her use of supplementation and various herbal remedies I am now acne-free and my hormones are balanced. She is thoughtful, respectful, and cares deeply about her patients. I am so grateful that I found her and would recommend her to all!!" - M.W.

"I met Dr. Gran at an event and instantly felt a positive energy from her. When I decided to attend her for my medical needs, I came in with all my frustrations of not being listened to by other doctors and my symptoms being written off. She listened to me and I mean really listened to me. She didn't write me off and actually tested issues that I thought could be wrong. When my test results came back, I was actually right about some of my issues. I finally felt fully seen. Which when it comes to your health, is so important. Dr. Gran is right along side me on my journey to better health, more of a partner in the plan vs dictating actions to take. She is warm and welcoming. I highly recommend her!" - E. R. 

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"Dr. Gran is an exceptional doctor. I recommend her to all women looking for a women's health doctor. She's the only doctor I've ever met who takes the time to listen to you and understand your health and overall wellbeing." - M.M.

"This was my first experience with holistic medicine and it was such a change from the dermatologists I've seen in the past.  Dr. Gran listened attentively, asked a ton of questions, and didn't try to rush through my appointment. She was extremely knowledgable and straightforward.  She laid out a couple treatment options and was honest about how long it would take to see results. After years of struggling with cystic acne, my skin was completely clear after 6-8 months of taking herbal supplements and a compounded medication." - C.M.